Why you need us & why we are the best.

Patio Drape custom outdoor draperies provide protection from the sun’s heat and glair on western exposure patios. Each Patio Drape is made to order as defined by the dimensions and design requirements of our Do-It-Yourself customers.

Patio Drape curtains are made of high-density encapsulated nylon mesh with a UV protected vinyl coating. Patio Drape is available in a variety of colors providing two levels of UV protection. The 70% mesh blocks 70% and the 90% mesh blocks 90% of the sun’s UV rays. Our 70% and 90% material is ideal for drapery applications as both meshes allow air flow, sun protection, and transparency. Transparency is a huge safety feature for backyards with swimming pools.

Patio Drape is customized to fit the specific dimensions of your Do-It-Yourself project.  There are three recommended installation methods:  

Track & Trolley

roller system

Steel Rod with strait ends

straight ending

Steel Rod with ball ends

ball rod


Track & Trolley is your best solution for projects requiring wide openings.  Track is shipped in 8 foot lengths and is installed end to end.  If you require 12 feet overall width, we recommend you order two 6 foot track lengths.  If your overall curtain opening is 24 feet, you would order three 8 foot lengths.  

The galvanized steel track uses pocket rollers, or trolleys, with built in bumpers to minimize jamming.  For each foot of Patio Drape material, you require one trolley.  For each panel of Patio Drape you require one extra trolley.  

Sample Project:  

Assume overall width of opening is 15 feet.  Total height of floor to ceiling is 96 inches.  

  • ·For each linear foot of coverage add one inch to the order.  Most drapes are center pull, therefore you need two panels of material at least 7’6” wide.  
  • ·For vertical measurements, subtract two inches for the track height, space between material and track as well as clearance for the bottom of drape.  

Sample Order:  

Two panels of material (15 feet cut in half for two panels).  Add no inches for flat drape install or add 15 inches for pleats.  

Dimensions for one pleated panel would therefore be 7’6”.  Plus 8 inches or more for pleats.  

  • ·One panel of Patio Drape material would be ordered as 8 feet 2 inches wide by 94 inches high.  Two panels required.  
  • ·Three tracks at 5 feet each or one 8 footer plus one 7 seven footer.  
  • ·Trolleys would be one for each foot of material plus one for each panel for a total of 18 trolleys.